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On the pages of this book, two people are trying to have a conversation. We do not know their names, nor their gender; what matters is their attempt to have an essential dialogue. The effort to converse, which prevails throughout “Conversing”, is an effort for love between two people, but also the need to find an interlocutor and companion in life. What is at stake for the protagonists of the book is whether they will achieve this.

 Anna Kokkinidou was born in Thessaloniki, studied law, English and French literature in the University of that city and she completed a Postgraduate in translation in Corfu. She has been working in the Greek Language Centre for years. “Conversing” is her second book.



  Paradoxical, funny, tender, subversive, foulmouthed, melancholic, cynical, romantic, provocative… Underage Noirs are many stories and only one story; a variety of narrating styles and only one, really unique narrating style. Underage Noirs might be chidren’s stories written for grownups, or perhaps stories which are totally inappropriate for grownups. One thing is certain, though: Underage Noirs is nothing like anything you have read until now!


Adriana Minou was born in 1982. She has been awarded in pan-Hellenic literature contests. Her texts have been published in Greek and English literary magazines. She has been living and working as a musician in London since 2004. She has participated in concerts and shows as a pianist, performer, writer and scriptwriter, librettist, lyricist and director in many countries in the world. She is an active founding member of the music ensembles Vladimir & Estragon Piano Duo and Oiseaux Bizarres Ensemble.




The country's dream production has reached rock bottom. Panic ensues among the highest echelons of the government. Unless the citizens start dreaming immediately, and in the right way, the country will have to declare dream bankruptcy! And then everything will start falling apart. But what measures will it take to make them obey? A deeply political book that can also be read as a thriller set in an imaginary country -very similar to ours- and in an undetermined time- (that could perfectly be our near future, if not already our past).

Science fiction and magic realism go hand in hand with the satire of modern day Greece in this gripping novel of Christodoulos Lintzerinos that won the first prize in the 2nd Panhellenic Novel Contest, hosted by Strange Days editions in 2017. 

Christodoulos Lintzerinos describes how Greeks experience everyday life as he recounts a great allegorical tale. At the same time, he transcends to our future, where technology and centralised citizen control can clash with human life itself and its values, devolving into an Orwellian version of society. An intrinsically social and bold book, a first novel that confirms not only the author's knack for novel-writing, his charismatic use of language but also his rich and creative imagination.

(Katerina Karizoni, Fractal magazine)


Christodoulos D. A. Lintzerinos was born in Thessalonica and studied Law at the Aristotle University of Thessalonica. He now works as a lawyer. His short stories have won several literature awards in contests and have been published in magazines. One of his short stories was included in the collective work Strange Days in Thessalonica in 2016 and in the anthologies Strange Love Affairs and Little Revolutions in 2017.  This is his first novel.

ISBN: 978-618-5278-5278-12-0 /Pages: 160 /




The Seagull's Nest


In the summer of 2017, the murder of a young woman on the municipal beach of Lesvos stirs the island's peaceful summer atmosphere. Not long afterwards, a second murder creates a ripple effect and an unbearable headache to officer Bergakis, who is in charge of the investigation. The case transcends the island's borders. A backup team arrives from the capital and holds a surprise for the officer, reminding him after a long stretch of years that, apart from duty, there is also love.

With everyday island life as a background, perfectly described by the author who was born and raised there, the two murders are an ideal excuse to tell a mystery story which unravels along with the emotional evolution of the main characters in this fascinating tale.


“ Solid characters, constant plot-twists and new faces are constantly added to the story, sparking the reader's attention. Effortless dialogue, a well-knit plot, suspense, humour and an underlying erotic atmosphere are the main elements of this detective story. A perfect summer read and much more than that. The contrast between an idyllic summer setting and murder, the logic of analysis and reversal, objectivity and establishment, professional behaviour and love fill with colour and light a mysterious journey set on one of the most stunning islands of the Aegean Sea”.Aleka Pavlidi, /


Mary Margariti was born and raised on the island of Lesvos. She graduated from the Philology Department of the Aristotle University and completed her postgraduate degree in Anthropogeography at the University of the Aegean. Her work has been featured in various publications and she was awarded the first prize in the detective novel contest hosted in 2017 by Aparsis editions and the Greek Club of Detective Novel Authors.  This is her first book.

Pages: 180/ ISBN: 978-618-5278-38-0/






A gripping story with fairy-tale and magic realism elements and, at the same time, an allegory that reminds us of the widely known and often painful conditions that make people become refugees. At the core of this tale is a love story in an imaginary setting. A sensitive and deeply optimistic book whose main theme is the search for hope and happiness.


Characters and situations alternate between euphoria and sadness, not in the bourgeois manner found in Pessoa's works, but either through Steinbeck's earthy approach or Dostoevsky's tragic vision. (...) An author's work must be original. To do that, they have to take risks, even if they fail. Lefkaditis took the risk of guiding the caravans of the defeated. And the caravans of the defeated, at least in this book, made it to their destination. Because, even though happiness is unattainable, bonds between human beings can last forever. (PitsaBlana, philologist)


Nikos D. Lefkaditis was born in Athens in October 1963. A Varvakeio High School graduate, he studied at the Athens School of Dentistry. He lives with his wife and two children in Athens, were he works as a dentist. He has published a collection of poems (Enigma, 1981, Philippoti editions) and two novels (What Angel?, 2005, and Aia, the soul, 2010, published by Electra editions). He will soon publish a short story collection and a novel. He was awarded the first prize in the national poetry contest of the National King Paul Institution and a prize in the novel category of the national contest held by the Panhellenic Union of Writers.



ISBN:  978-618-5278-32-8 / PAGES: 110






A unique story collection by Thomas Mylonas, first prize winner in last year’s international short story contest hosted by eyelands under the theme “Strange Love Affairs”.

In this collection you’ll find all of the author's short stories that have been awarded prizes in the last few years in eyelands contests, as well as scripts, one-act plays, monologues, chronicles, all driven by an inexhaustible sense of humour that runs through the collection from cover to cover!


According to this book's instructions, “Some of these texts are stand-ups. This means that you can learn them by heart and recite them standing up, if not to a wider audience, at least to your fiancé, cousin or -even better- a complete stranger queuing in front of you at the bank. To tell you the truth, I personally haven't learnt by heart or recited any of these texts or, but I would gladly reread Thomas Mylonas’ stories, silently at least, for a second and third time.

(Aleka Pavlidis,


Thomas Mylonas lives in the city of Chalkida and is a philologist. He is a chronicle columnist for An magazine. His work has also been featured in various short story anthologies. Most of the times, he writes on the train to Athens and at Rex Café, at the far end of the waterfront. He was awarded the first prize in the 2014 Script Contest hosted by Strange Days. He took part in the first Collective Workshop “Writing Stories” and is one of the authors of the collaborative book Journey to the End of the Word (Strange Days editions, 2016). He was awarded the second prize in the 6th national short story contest hosted by in 2016 under the theme “Colours” and the first prize in the 2017 contest under the theme “Strange Love Affairs”

ISBN: 978-618-5278-17-5 / PAGES : 108/







Chonglacé Has Been Looking for Hair since this Morning


A river is enraged and Chonglacé has been going up and down the city streets since this morning. The Mink dynasty is coming down from a western Macedonian village. The Indian grandmother Kali can’t stand still in a home where Tupperware is used as an antidepressant. A drunkard carries old ladies on his platform to and fro monastery feasts. A homeless man finds consolation in a toilet flush, while Truman's trench coat becomes three pairs of pants. A Hungarian gypsy tells her story through a Plexiglas screen. 

Behind this realistic collection lurks a bittersweet smile. Time is a poacher that takes us out of our way, but we find people again.


Some of Kalogeridou’s characters are so alive that they would certainly carry their weight adapted to a theatre play or an anthology film. A mural of common, everyday people, painted with the colours of truth and inspiration.(Dimitra Smirni, philologist)


Sofia Kalogeridou was born in the city of Veria, where she still lives. She holds an Electrical Engineering degree from the Democritus University of Thrace and has completed the Creative Writing postgraduate studies programme at the University of Western Macedonia. She teaches Information Technology in secondary schools.

She has won awards and mentions in various contests and her short stories have been included in several anthologies. This is her first published short story collection.

PAGES: 110/ ISBN: 978-618-82165-2-5










A different take on the History of Greece, where events that marked the country coexist with neighbourhood gossip, the humble, provincial life and the hustle and bustle of the capital.A story full of little heroes and big mistakes, colourful imagery, black and while sadness, radio shows, films and series. A nostalgic tale about the passing of time that only one sound can capture: sniff-sniff!  Chrysa Prokopaki, 


An extraordinary novel whose poetry is hidden within its childlike qualities, innocence and nostalgia. The apparently simple, though at the same time substantial words of the main character, take us on a journey of the Greek reality of the last 40 years. Past events from the political arena, society, sports and the art world make their appearance in a hilariously funny way, revealing a light-hearted side to what, to our eyes, seemed important and unique up to now. A deeply moving, almost heart-wrenching, book that brings back the long lost innocence of an era.

Spiros Aravanis,


The author manages to cover four decades through the eyes of one child: our hero may have physically evolved but still remains a child from a mental, verbal and emotional point of view. (...) with his toy cars, football trading cards and his favourite comic books as symbols of our well-hidden inner child, a child that is desperately searching for a crack to dampen the dry land of social alienation and petty bourgeois stuffiness. The narrator's favourite hero was and still remains Donald Duck from the Mickey Mouse comics. “Sniff-Sniff!” is Donald's exclamation in moments of great sadness, an exclamation that perfectly encompasses the narrator/hero's soul and, maybe, the entire Greek society of the early 21st century as well. 

Dimitris Kokoris, ENTEFKTIRIO, issue 82



PAGES: 360/ ISBN: 978-618-81144-6-3




EPHEMERA/ Life Is Short


 Is our life short, indeed? Or is it too long? Before you answer, it would be great if you asked a young ephemeron that has a whole day of life ahead of it and is already starting to feel bored. Maybe that would change your mind about life's ephemeral nature. Ephemera is a genus of insects that belong to the Ephemeroptera order. They develop slowly into pronymphs in rivers and lakes and their adult life (if they are lucky) only lasts for one day.What kind of life is this? Who knows. If you ask a (still living) ephemeron, it would surely reply that there's much worse... This comic album is here to answer to all of the big questions about life and its meaning. But no need to worry: the answers are so ephemeral, you will forget them in no time... Pages: 38/ ISBN: 978-618-82165-6-3



The Town beyond the River




Grigoris Papadogiannis, shows us that, fortunately, human imagination works, by surpassing an anyway questionable reality while, on the other hand, -and this may be the most important element of his work- uses reflective thinking to reveal the greatness of human thought and the power of its creativity. Imagination: human charisma, solely responsible for the genesis of myths. A talent or a gift of nature, which preserves, to our day, the primordial reasons of their creation. From this point of view, it comes as something natural for a traditional fairy-tale dragon to still be living in a cave on a rugged mountainside, or for the members of a music band who have been away from the spotlight to come back as ghosts on the now haunted stage where they once lived moments of glory.

 (...) G. P., with his straightforward, lively writing style which draws inspiration from the immediacy of the spoken word, creates a modern day palimpsest of short fantasy stories full of characters, beings, sounds, smells and colours that demonstrate the beauty of fantastic literature, when its servant knows how to make good use of its codes”.Makis Panorios, Bookpress 

PAGES: 106/ ISBN:  978-618-80905-7-6




The Night Is Sleeping


The author's first book is a largely poetic short story collection with inset poems and sketches by Giannis Pantikakis.


The art of literary works like the ones by Stella Dede has its own spells to cast bitterness away and transform sadness and the fear of dying into the will to live for all those who do not simply hear, but really listen and reflect. (Lina Zambetaki, philologist)


Stella Dede was born in Athens in 1969. She studied English Language and Literature at the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens. She worked as an English and French language instructor and as a translator. She is now working as an English language and History professor and as an Erasmus programme coordinator. She has won awards and mentions in poetry competitions. Her novel A Different Stranger was published by Strange Days in 2020.





Collaborative novel


This journey is a unique, at least for Greek standards, writing experiment, created through the “Writing Stories” workshop.

Fourteen authors have succeeded in creating one novel through a series of collaborative processes and hard work. It took more than two years for the book to be completed. Strange Days editions present a book featuring the multiple individual voices and writing styles of fourteen different people who, despite the challenges, collaborated and succeeded in creating a fascinating collaborative novel.


A Journey to the End of the World and, at the same time, a journey to the world of writing.Kalonissi, a forgotten island in the middle of the Aegean Sea, is the only refuge left for those who seek shelter from the upcoming end of the world. It is the place where many peculiar personalities resort to and mingle with the local inhabitants and their daily lives. An explosive mix that won’t take long to go off. Humour and despair in equal measure, in a novel about the end of the world and how to face it...

Pages: 146/ ISBN: 978-618-82165-8-7/


The Writing Workshop “Writing Stories” was first held seven years ago and has hosted up to now more than 120 young and established Greek authors from all parts of Greece and abroad. It is an online, six-month workshop which focuses on creating a book through the collaborative work of its team members.




A collection of award-winning short stories from the Strange Days contest

 We created a series of Strange Days contests in order to showcase authors from a different Greek city in each edition. We started from Thessalonica, the co-capital of Greece, convinced that it has a lot of significant and unique voices to offer to literature. As the reader will discover, the collection is indeed full of works by talented people who, apart from beautiful short stories, can offer something more: snapshots of their city providing a sensitive look of how it is today. Even though the past reclaims its own in many of the stories, the reader's main impression is that of a modern city which belongs to a country in constant crisis but, despite of that, never stops hoping and dreaming. 

Thessalonica is a city worth discovering. Among other events, it hosts one of the most important film festivals in Europe and the only international book festival in Greece. If you can’t make it there, the next best option is to experience its atmosphere through a series of contemporary, award-winning short stories.

Pages: 150/ ISBN: 978-618-5278-04-5/



Cara Long’s «Partly Gone» – from strange days books 

We kept up our relationship by phone and the occasional weekend together. Then, during one visit ten months after his first, Teddy asked me to marry him. I said yes without hesitation. I left the city and moved back home and in with him. Things felt right. We bought our house and fixed it up. I started working for a local advertising and marketing firm. After we were married awhile, we started trying for a baby. It took me six months to get pregnant with Cal. My parents came back and stayed with us for a few weeks after he was born. My mother helped me figure out diapers and feedings. I struggled. “It doesn’t just come so easy, like people think,” she said to me.
«I think each of my stories represents a character who is out on an emotional edge. Editors have sometimes characterized the stories as sad, but I just don’t see that. I think my characters are weighted down emotionally and need to make decisions about who they are and their future directions. The stories are pretty much my perspective on what it means to be human and to struggle with things like love and grief and the day to day life that occurs between our births and our deaths’».

Cara Long’s short stories have appeared in a number of small presses, including: Whiskey Paper, Johnny America and Smokelong Quarterly. Partly Gone is her first collection of stories. Cara lives in Albany, NY, the capital of New York State.


A collection of Short Stories


Με κάνεις να κάνω κύκλους
A noted literary editor once wrote that every good short story should begin with this basic premise: something happened to somebody. So what happens to the people in the stories that comprise Make Me Go in Circles? One pre-adolescent boy has to decide if he should stand up for a friend who is faced with public humiliation; a teenager is rattled when his girlfriend’s personality seems to change after a tragedy; a man contending with internal transformations writes cryptic notes and leaves them in public places for strangers to find and read them; songwriters are in for some surprises when they leave the city for the seclusion of country life.

Written in the tradition of classic short stories and set in modern times, Brian Greene’s tales of longing, exploration, and discovery look at what happens to people when they wander into the life episodes that will show who they really are.
- Michael K. White, author


Brian Greene’s short stories, personal essays, and writings on books, music, and film have appeared in more than 20 different publications since 2008. He has written regularly for Shindig! music magazine of the U.K., and Macmillan Publishing from New York City. Greene lives in North Carolina, USA, with his wife Abby, their daughters Violet and Melody, and cat Rita Lee. Follow Brian on Twitter @brianjoebrain



Στη μέση του πουθενά


A collection of Short Stories

«Thomas’ prose ranges from rich and elegant to raw and edgy with ease»
- Amy Qureshi: Bristol Review of Books
«Well written, fun and amusing. Just the right tone.»
- Dan Fante: Novelist

“Gwil James Thomas knows exactly what he is doing, where he is going and what he wants his readers to witness. Gwil isn’t halfway to nowhere, he is right where he should be and we should thank our stars for that.”
– Ben John Smith: Poet and editor of Horror Sleaze Trash


There’s more that I could reveal, or discuss in more detail in terms of influences, or what the stories mean to me now rereading them. But at the same time, people are going to make what they want of them, if they even like them at all. My purpose, if there is one, is to offer some insight, but still leave the reader open to his or her own interpretations. I hope that this introduction serves to clear the path for the reader, rather than be directed entirely by the writer. Which is probably as good a point as any other for me to let this begin. -  Gwil James Thomas,


Gwil James Thomas was born in Bristol, England in 1987. He is a writer of short stories, essays and a novel. He first developed an interest in literature after reading John Steinbeck’s Of Mice and Men in an English class in school. However, it was after leaving education at 19 and entering the world of full time employment that he first felt compelled to write – jotting down notes on anything he could find from sick bags to napkins. Hunched over a typewriter, the notes would later develop into a novel called Captains of Sinking Ships. Since then Gwil has contributed work to a variety of publications online and in print. Halfway to Nowhere is his first collection of short stories. Gwil hopes to continue writing until he has nothing left to say and can quit and leave it behind.



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