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A Sentimental Journey through the Greek Islands

52 eyelands – 52 islands of Greece

 A sentimental guide through 52 Greek eyelands
plus an indroduction: Greece for beginners
This is a
sentimental guide for travellers, through 52 of the Greek islands. The term "sentimental guide" implies something more than a commonplace guide and I assure you that my book is not written in the style of a classic guidebook. There is already a plethora of classic guidebooks; the internet is rife with a lot of useful – yet even more useless – information. This book has simply been written out of an outrageous love for the islands, to describe of what it feels like to actually “live the island” – even for a week – and to find out what it’s like, from how it looks to how it can be characterized in terms of its deeper essence. I liken this process to getting to know a friend, or perhaps even falling in love.
Travelling around means you need
resources like time and money. But isn’t this also the way when it comes to creating friendships? It takes time to get to know someone, and furthermore, you need to be in the mood for this, to love him/her and enjoy his/her company. This is what happened in my relationship with the islands.  Throughout all  these years of my travels, most of the islands have changed, but then show me a friend of yours who hasn’t changed with the passage of time. Of course, nothing compares to the feeling of getting to know a new island, when you first see the lights in the middle of the night as the ship approaches the port. Then there’s the wonderful feeling of seeing an island, just like with your dearest old friends. That’s because every island is a unique creature, and all the islands are somehow just one island – this is what I’ve felt, even from the beginning. The same applies to humans.

What you will find here
For every island, you will find information about its history and its connection with the other islands which belong to the same group.
You will also find basic information about
how to get around and spots that I think you should not miss, in order to get a complete picture and enjoy your stay on the island. Keep in mind that this is a guide for travellers and not for ordinary tourists. As such, what I believe is most significant is to give you information based on my own experience, about the style, character, profile and personality of each island.
Along with
the commentary on the islands, this book contains some basic yet essential tips for travellers to Greeceand particularly for those travelling to the islands.
Moreover, there is a small section with some tips –
one might say an emotional survival guidefor all those who need to know what to do during their first day on an island.

What you will not find
You won’t find recommendations about the best restaurant, the best night club or the best hotel on each island. This information can be accessed using many other resources. This is not a book containing typical advice for tourists and not just another classic travel guide for the Greek islands; there are already plenty of excellent ones to choose from. This is something unique that cannot be found anywhere else; it is a sentimental journey through the Greek islands and I want to share it with you.

52eyelands of Greece
Copyright: Strange days books & Gregory Papadoyiannis
Publishing advisor: Costis Malousaris
Foreign books: Giannis Petrakis
Text and all photos of the book: Gregory Papadoyiannis
Editor: Christina Markanastasakis
Translators: Georgia Alexiou
             Danae Roussou      

First edition: summer 2013
Cover photo: Schinoussa
Back cover: Tilos
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Prisoner of Love, a novel by James P. Hadley

About the book
Prisoner of Love is a novel with two parallel storylines. There is the romance story with Marcella as the protagonist and another story, the hero being the writer, who is writing the first story.

As such, we have two (and more) genres within one book. Marcella’s story kicks off with all the earmarks of a classic romance story, changing into “chic lit.” Then somewhere along the way it develops into an adventure characteristic of a detective story and historical novel, without missing out the travel narrative and a sprinkling of magic.

The story of the writer begins as a pocket detective novel. In the second part it acquires the essential features of a thriller but basically it is a narrative about the experience of writing a book.

All of these elements are united, however, through the underlying humorous tone. The script of the story abides by the rules of each of these types of novels whilst continuously playing with their clichés as well as getting the heroes to constantly change narrative “tracks,” as the predominant goal of the author is to entertain the reader.

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A novel


 slowly but thoroughlyThe relentless mania of the global information economy has crushed greater men than the CEO of but in the tradition of Huck Finn and Patrick Bateman he’s far from out of the contest.  At the crucial moment in the twin sagas of both his company and his families, oblivious to the canards of religion, capitalism, and democracy, he moves gamely forward.  As the secret past of his adopted hometown is revealed, he senses a post-millennial ecstasy of sex, hallucination, bureaucracy, and drugs, on the verge of fruition.  Yet his devotion to technologies he doesn’t understand, memories not his own, and relationships so brittle they crumble in his hands, may obscure the distinctions between history personal and political that have eluded him all his life.


 Prose of shining chrome.
 -Frank Moorhouse, author of Dark Palace and Grand Days

 The indisputable strength of this novel is that «one voice» of the narrator, in its stunning amalgamation of lucidity and obsessiveness, blunt honesty and self-conscious performativity, sensitivity and cruelty, insight and blindness, wide-ranging curiosity and referentiality and self-absorption. -Evan Carton, author of Patriotic Treason and Joan Negley Kelleher Centennial Professor in Rhetoric and Composition at the University of Texas at Austin


 B.D. Fischer grew up in a small town that a prominent financial lifestyle magazine called the best place to live in the entire U.S.A., so he dropped out of high school and moved to upstate New York where he poured beer, repossessed cars, and published his first story.


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