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                                                     STRANGE DAYS BOOKS
the english-speaking section of «Paraxenes Meres» (strange days) Greek publishing house

εκδόσεις Παράξενες Μέρες  / strange days books
Κοινωνική Συνεταιριστική Επιχείρηση  / Social cooperative publishing company
Καποδιστρίου 4, Ρέθυμνο, 74100, / Capodistriou 4, Rethymno 74100, Crete, Greece
Επικοινωνία: Χειμάρρας 6, Ρέθυμνο & / Mail: Chimaras 6, 74100, Rethymno
Tηλέφωνα: 6976694974, 6973978315                             / mobile phones: 6973978315        
                                                      Email: strangedaysbooks@gmail.com
                                                  ιστοσελίδες για την Ελλάδα: www.paraxenesmeres.gr
                                                                                                    & www.paraxenesmeres.com
Ιστοσελίδα για το εξωτερικό: www.strangedaysbooks.gr / Site in English: www.strangedaysbooks.gr
                                                  facebook: www.facebook.com/STRANGEDAYSBOOKS        
                                                     blog: http://ekdoseis-paraxenesmeres.blogspot.gr/

 Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Do I need to pay any money to see my book published in Strange Days ?
A: No, no one pays any money. Furthermore there are no tricks or any obligation of purchase copies, there is no extra cost of the books. No!
And we pay the 10% royalties! This is for everyone.

Q: Is there any limitation on the royalties?

A: Yes, there is for the first 200 copies of each book but there “s also an agreement for 15% and more if we sell more than 1000 copies of your book!

Q: How do you inform me about the sales?
A: At the end of December, Strange Days Books will send to every author a report of the sales of the year.

Q : How do you cover the costs of publishing then?

A:  From the sales of our (your) books. At least we hope. We typically print 200-300 copies for each book. Of course this way we exclude the distribution of our books in major bookstore but we also keep the prices of the book in the lowest possible level. And we don’t spend large sums of money to advertise our books.

Q: But if I want to promote my book, can I do it?

A: You can do what you believe is better for your book. There is no problem to this. We can also cooperate and do a better job together. Still we are trying to do our best in the distribution area, and not only for paperback editions but also in cheaper formats.

Q: Strange Days will publish literary books only?

A: For the time being, yes. We will not publish poetry or books for children. But it is very likely to do it later.

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