Friday, 20 November 2020


We are glad to announce the finalists of our Eyelands Book Awards For 2020/ Prize winners to be announced on December, 30, 2020


(By submission order/ number of finalists according to category participants)



Weight of the ripened - Gina Ferrara /USA

Goodbye toothless house - Kelly Fordon /USA

Fingertip of the tongue- Sarah Rice /Australia

Dust Blown side of the journey - Eleonore Schönmaier /Netherlands

Rewriting Stella - Dan Tuttle /USA



Hummingbird from Heaven – Keti Bozukova /Bulgaria

Crows at Sunset - Terry Watada / Canada

Lessons from the Greeks - Gail Sidonie Šobat /Canada

The storehouse of wonder and astonishment - Sherry Mossafer Rind /USA

Diary of the heart - Neal Hall /USA



Swords in the sky  - Judy Brulo /United Kingdom

Susie in Spectra   - W.E. Lake / United Kingdom

The infinity trap – Ian C Douglas /United Kingdom

The Red Eyes - Lee Ching Kai /Malaysia



Tweaked Tales  -  Judy Brulo / United Kingdom

Grandma Grumbly: A Story to Read Aloud - Mike Mesterton-Gibbons /USA

Surfing, Your Star Shines Above Me - Vezna Andrews /USA

Maximum Flight - Abigail Keoghan /Ireland

Amy’s Plan - Eunice Barnes /USA



The World Within-A Play - Yamini Mathur / Thailand

Nom De Plume - Christy Iron /Greece

 Making love while levitating three feet in the air – Jeff  Fearnside /USA

Hotel du Jack - Dan Brotzel /United Kingdom


Discarded Encounters - Gita Simic/ Bosnia-Herzegovina

The Girl Who Can Take The Most Electricity - Anna Mantzaris /USA

Blu’s Muse - Craig (blu) Ritchie / Canada

 Don Quixote's Death and Other Stories-Ratomir Rale Damjanovic / Serbia

 Goddesses from Clay and Shrapnel - Lahari Mahalanabish (Chatterji) / India



Book Title: Empire of Glass - Kaitlin Solimine / USA

Misplaced Heads – Jayanthi Sankar / Singapore

The Agent-Marsha Roberts /USA

Spivey Davenport - VM Roberts /USA

The memory stones – Caroline Brothers / United Kingdom



The Kitten - Laurie Jameson /USA

My blood on your head- Elias Yussif / Ghana

Goldfish - J A Gardiner / United Kingdom

Blue Monkeys - Christie B. Cochrell / USA

The Gift of Sunshine: Story of a Hong Kong Family- Susan Wan Dolling /USA

Lizardmaid – Robin Luce Martin / USA



A wolf by the ears - Wayne Karlin / USA

A roll of the dice - Mona Dash / United Kingdom

Dear Suffolk: My Teenage Memoirs - VM Roberts / USA

Exile Music - Jennifer Steil / United Kingdom

Spinning: Choreography for Come Home - Janine Kovac / USA



Wishbone:  The Enduring Joy and Increasing Meaning of Odyssey

-Carol W. Folbre /USA

The Red Tunic - Kate Wiseman / United Kingdom

Remembering Greece-Wendy Craig / New Zealand

The Girl Who Got Out of Zanzibar’ - Sophie Neville / United Kingdom

American Heroine - Katherine Lim / United Kingdom


Saturday, 14 November 2020

Florissant -Eyelands Books Awards Grand Prize (unpublished book) now released in Greece!


Fifteen-year-old Wynd doesn’t know she’s a fairy, but she has already nearly lost herself to the wind. She longs to fly, to be free, to disappear. Problem is, she cares too much about her ten-year-old sister to leave her behind. Sylva would never make it in the foster care system on her own. She thinks she’s a tree. And no one believes her but Wynd.

The two sisters were found, five years earlier, on a road by a forest. They have vague memories of this forest, as well as of the gunshot sound that killed their mother. When Sylva becomes deathly ill, it's up to Wynd to save her sister and take her back home to Florissant, an enchanted forest with a boarding school for orphaned fairies. Yet little does Wynd know that coming home is only the beginning of a great -- and dangerous -- adventure that will force her to face her deepest fears in order to save the fairy realm.


It turns out Shakespeare wasn’t right about everything when he wrote A Midsummer Night’s Dream. He got some of the fairy lore right. And some of the characters.

But the great playwright could have never guessed that, centuries later, the fairy kingdom would relocate to the New World – the state of Georgia, to be more precise – where there were still old-growth forests that could sustain magic.

And not even someone with the imagination of Shakespeare could have guessed that a fifteen-year-old wind fairy would cross paths with Titania and Oberon all that time later, and help them save the fairy kingdom with a performance of A Midsummer Night’s Dream in an enchanted forest. But no doubt he would have found the irony delicious.


Patricia Marchesi is an English professor specializing in Shakespeare and Renaissance drama. She teaches at a liberal arts college an hour from Atlanta, GA. Her academic research into the role of trees and forests in Shakespeare’s plays led to her discovery of how precious and rare old-growth forests are, and inspired her to write Florissant. Before embarking on the young adult fantasy genre, she wrote two science fiction novels for middle grade readers, Shelby & Shauna Kitt and the Dimensional Holes and Shelby & Shauna Kitt and the Alterax Buttons, both of which were self-published and won Children’s Literary Classics gold awards.

Marchesi is originally from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, and has also lived in Austria and England. In the United States, she has lived in New York, Delaware, Colorado, Arizona, and (now) Georgia.

STRANGE DAYS BOOKS / Strange days in the world -11/ Translation: Gregory Papadoyiannis/ 192 pages/  ISBN: 978-618-5278-48-9 / Cover by BetiBup 33 Design Studio.