Saturday, 19 September 2020

the NUMBERS collection


 The collection with the short listed stories of our 10th eyelands international short story contest is now available in Greek bookshops (also directly through Strange Days Books) and soon all over the world via 


The 10th International Short Story Contest's theme was Numbers and  this is also the collection's title with a cover by strangeland team.


The Long Lost Bottom  by Kathryn Holzman / USA


 Sixteen, by Kate Wickers / UNITED KINGDOM/

57, by Anna Voronko / USA/ 

Living By Numbers , by Liz Gwinnell / UNITED KINGDOM 

 SHORT LIST (in submission order)

Michael K. Bourdaghs /Counting Sheepish           

Michael Knapp / Lucky paws

Judith Brulo /The Very Large Very Quiet House

Charles Osborne /Double Identity

Jill Yates / Fourteen Plus Two

John Roberts / Twentyone Today 

Elliott Wagner-Smith / Ηow to be human 

Angus Whitty /Supermarket    

Yvonne Bruce / An Age Old Lie 

Αtefe Katebi / You are or not              

Angela Fitzpatrick/The Unfortunate Life of Quin Toller  

Suzette Leal /The Sevens       

Taria Karillion / Countdown to…                                    

Eleni Kyritsi/Numerophilia

Christina Demertsidou/Sia

Vincent Budzinski/ It Takes Two To Tango 

Laura Fisher / Lucky Numbers    

Henrik Hillenbrand /Two Four Three              

Caroline McEvoy/Neighbours

Kevin Scully /It’s only money

Lucas Gortemaker & Brent de Nef/ They tell me my dog is black

Ryan Gibbs/ The Seven Wonders of Cagliari

Mary Guise /Counting the Days  

You can order the book from Strange Days Books webpage (www.paraxenesmeres,gr), for 12 euros (postal expenses included) or order it from any bookstore in Greece. Available via in November