Tuesday, 3 December 2019


The collection with the short listed stories of our 9th eyelands international short story contest is now available in Greek bookshops (also directly through Strange Days Books) and all over the world via amazon.com.
The 9th International Short Story Contest's theme was Round Midnight and as always this is also the collection's title with a cover that made by Strangeland's team.
This year was the first time that the grand prize went to Africa thanks to the story ''Marvin Baxter’s Background Music'' by Javi Reddy / South Africa who won the first prize. 

There were four more prizes (by submission order) : Midnight shadows -David McVey /United Kingdom
At Last, Goodbye -Wendy Craig /New Zealand 
The Banshee’s Sister - E. F. S. Byrne/ Spain 
Crying all the way to the bank - Karen Keeley / Canada 

And the shortlisted  stories:
Belonging - Judith Diamond/ USA
One shot - David Butler /Ireland 
Memories always start around midnight - Suzanne Elvidge/United Kingdom Huggas -Mark Perfect/United Kingdom
Red Beauty or simply Dear - Christina Demertsidou /Greece
Hunter- Mariam Syrengelas /Greece
Bouzouki Magic," – Diane R. Ransdell /USA
5 2 12 - Charles Osborne/United KingdomThe black wedding dress - Ilona krueger/Australia
The Midnight Show - Charles Venable/USA
Rick, the Drummer is No More - Alan Kennedy/Spain
On the Lookout for Bo - Kimberly Stammen /USA
Katy’s Penance - David Mackinnon/United Kingdom
Undisclosed Desires – Efi P./Holland
Blue Moon - Rae Whitney/USA
When the bikers blow into town - Regi Claire/United Kingdom

You can read them all in ROUND MIDNIGHT COLLECTION
from strange days books


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