Sunday, 28 April 2019

EYELANDS BOOK AWARDS 2018 – CEREMONY and Strange Days Books invite you to our very first

MAY 4th 2019, 18:00

With guests of honor:
Catherine McNamara (Australia/Italy)
Book: The Cartography of OthersGrand prize winner for published book
Gita –Theodora Simic (Bosnia-Herzegovina)
Book: Occam’s Razor
Prize winner for unpublished novel

We will read excerpts from the Prize winner books and talk with the award winning authors who will speak about their books and talk with the audience
The ceremony is the first part of the «Spring Fest» of Strange Days Books and Presentations of two new books will follow after the awards ceremony.

Guests Authors: Despina Charalampidi, Victoria Makri, Georgia Mama
From Strange Days Publishing: Stavroula Diamanti, Gregory Papadoyiannis

Polis Art Cafe – Pesmazοglou Street, Athens

Catherine McNamara
grew up in Sydney, ran away to Paris, and ended up in West Africa running a bar. Her collection Pelt and Other Stories was longlisted for the Frank O’Connor Award and was semifinalist in the Hudson Prize, and her short stories have been Pushcart nominated, shortlisted and published in the UK, Europe, USA and Australia. Catherine lives in Italy.

Gita –Theodora Simic
I grew up in the Balkans (early lessons in the ways of life), and lived in Canada for thirty years (continuation of early lessons) with my husband who is an art historian, a piano teacher, and a HIP music enthusiast. Lately we spend a good part of the year close to the Adriatic Sea, in southern Herzegovina (the sea holds no memories but for the rocky cliffs, the morning mist and clear waters of turquoise blue). I was born on the small and wondrous island of Korcula in Croatia, and later moved to Belgrade, Serbia. Both countries denied me citizenship after the break-up of Yugoslavia.
My background is in philosophy and IT. I had studied philosophy and history at the Belgrade University before moving to Canada, where I obtained a diploma in computer programming/systems analysis, with specialization in mid-range computers.
I am a systems analyst by day (for almost twenty-five years), historical fiction writer by night(for several years). When a friend asked why I write historical fiction, I said: “Wouldn’t you, if you had to spend eight hours a day in a cubicle?” The literary world does not resound with my name.To date, I have completed nine such short stories, a play, and this novel. I am currently working on my second historical fiction novel, loosely based on the life of Sir Francis Drake and the fate of Raphael’s cartoons. Occam’s Razor, a story of Bernini, was also shortlisted at the 2017 CHAUCER BOOK AWARDS Historical Fiction pre-1750s.


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