Monday, 11 February 2019


We are excited to announce the winners of our first…

Triopetra, the beach
Catherine McNamara / Italy
Name of the project: The Carnal Fugues
(names by submission order)
Jennifer Steil / USAName of the project: Erebo
Suzanne Rancourt / United States
Name of the project: Old Stones, New Roads / Songs of the Hummingbird
Bernadette Russell /United Kingdom
Name of the project: Book of dreams
Geoffrey Edwards /Canada
Name of the project: These White Shadows
Ollie Randall / United Kingdom
Name of the project: Terminal
Elena Carapetis / Australia
Name of the project: 2020 STCSA Commission
Sophie Neville / United Kingdom
Name of the project: Makorongo and Co.
Anne kirya /Uganda
Name of the project: The incredible adventures of Kakai
Vanessa Horn/ USA
Name of the project: Short story collection
Annie Percik / United Kingdom
Name of the project: Changing Colours
Nicole Hazan / Israel
Name of the project: Choking Water (novel in progress)
Name: Sarah Lipton/ England
Name Of Project: 'Crossing Time.'
Jonathan Gurling / UK
Name of the Project:  In the Shadow of the Rock
Name: Lauren Pope / Scotland
Name of the project: “Allow Me This.”
 Caroline Schiller / Germany
Name of the project: "The Five Fighters - Rise of the Reptzas"
 Sara Dunham / USA
Name of Project: International Ghost Story Collection
 Lucy Grace/ United Kingdom
Name of Project:  'Near Me Now'.
 Robin Martin / USA
Name of Project: Lizardmaid
All writers have to make their choice between February 10tht - April 30th 2019   They can pick their week(s) in the periods:
 A.  MARCH 23 – JUNE 29Or    B. SEPTEMBER 7 – OCTOBER 26Every ''week'' starts on Saturday and ends the following Friday
Congrats to all winners & Many thanks to all participants to our first residency program


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