Monday, 26 November 2018

New release: the LUGGAGE collection!

L U G G A G E/now available in bookshops in Greece and all over the world via

The short listed stories from Eyelands  8th international short story contest.

FIRST prize: Overweight - Renate Schiansky /Austria
SECOND prize: Dandelion -Olga Zilberbourg /USA
THIRD prize: A Chance for Better Weather
Elliott Wagner-Smith/ USA
SPECIAL distinction: Moony Mindset /Elisabeth Wirtz /Germany
SHORT LIST (by submission date)
One's company - Michael Whitehead /United kingdom
Light Travel -Ewa Mazierska /United kingdom
Underground - Claire Basarich /United Κingdom
Just a Coincidence - Pam Corsie /United Kingdom
Balloon- Dreena Collins /United Kingdom
Luggage - K.M. Clarke /United Kingdom
The carpetbagger -Mary D'Arcy / Ireland
Perfect man- Anna Killick /New Zealand
Life Boats 14 and 15 - Alfred Louis Cucchiara /USA
Impedimenta -Graham Twist /United Kingdom
Hallway Suitcases - Emily Tsatmas /USA
The woman in the travel goods - Tabetha Rogers Beggs /Australia
Burdened Luggage - Nneka Anieze /Nigeria
Picking mushrooms - Justin Jones/ New Zealand
The "heavy" life of a packaholic! - Susanne Kirchner/Austria
James and the luggage - Anand Birju /United Kingdom
Luggage - Bethany Pritchard/United Kingdom
Of burden and loss - Sebastian Günnel /Germany
The world within a suitcase - Leanne Ma/Hong Kong
What she carried - Ruth Knafo Setton/Morocco
Luggage - Maria Espinosa/USA
Luggage Heist – Melvin Ward/United Kingdom
Long Necked Guitar – Sue Worth/United Kingdom
25 Years of Marriage - Sharon Stevens/United Kingdom
Lost and Found – Jill Yates/United Kingdom
The five bags that make a life -Katie Parry/United Kingdom
Finding the way - C.I. Selkirk/United Kingdom
Suitcases and Handkerchiefs – Sarah Jarvis/United Kingdom
Banana bread – Claire Zalla/USA

Strange Days in the world / EE -09
Cover design: Andriana Minou
Printed in Greece by Preprint
ISBN: (Greek edition) 978-618-5278-19-9

Soon available via

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