Tuesday, 29 July 2014


is a publishing firm based in the small town of Rethymno (isle of Crete, Greece)
From 2012 we are looking for new writers from our country and all over the world.
This is a publishing house for writers who have something important to tell.
That is the basic criterion for us.
Here we talk about books. We talk about what we love. We are talking about today’s dreams.

A publishing house which takes profit from the anguish and dreams of young writers.
A publishing house which just sell the book in advance to the author himself.
A publishing house that puts the needs of management over the love for writing.

Books and dreamers
Days were always strange for publications dreams - but we need the books anyway: to endure the ugliness of this world. To dream a better one
 As about us it will be a dream come true if we can survive, financially speaking, when doing what we love most in life. Is it possible for anyone survive financially with such a plan?
Who knows? But worths a try.
What is our project?
Just to publish what we think it’s worth to read. We are here waiting for your text. This will be our main interest. To find books we gonna love, to give you a chance seeing your work published.
We dont want to misunderstand us. We are a small firm in a small city of a small (and also in the middle of a financial crisis) country. You must not have great expectations, at least not more that we will do everything we can to publish a nice book from your work and try to advertise it and sell it (mostly in Greece of course)
We are talking about a production of 10 - 15 books every year.
We publish books using digital technology and more or less a print on demand publishing schedule. We publish the first 100-300 copies and then wait to see if we will sell at least them. If the answer is yes, this is a sucess. We can move on to the next book/books. If not, we still can move on but not for long. This is it!

STRANGE DAYS BOOKS reading period
Strange Days crew reads fiction  all year except from the period between May-October. You can submit your work whenever you want between October – May period,  but  please dont send your work from 1st May till November 1st

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