Tuesday, 3 December 2019


The collection with the short listed stories of our 9th eyelands international short story contest is now available in Greek bookshops (also directly through Strange Days Books) and all over the world via amazon.com.
The 9th International Short Story Contest's theme was Round Midnight and as always this is also the collection's title with a cover that made by Strangeland's team.
This year was the first time that the grand prize went to Africa thanks to the story ''Marvin Baxter’s Background Music'' by Javi Reddy / South Africa who won the first prize. 

There were four more prizes (by submission order) : Midnight shadows -David McVey /United Kingdom
At Last, Goodbye -Wendy Craig /New Zealand 
The Banshee’s Sister - E. F. S. Byrne/ Spain 
Crying all the way to the bank - Karen Keeley / Canada 

And the shortlisted  stories:
Belonging - Judith Diamond/ USA
One shot - David Butler /Ireland 
Memories always start around midnight - Suzanne Elvidge/United Kingdom Huggas -Mark Perfect/United Kingdom
Red Beauty or simply Dear - Christina Demertsidou /Greece
Hunter- Mariam Syrengelas /Greece
Bouzouki Magic," – Diane R. Ransdell /USA
5 2 12 - Charles Osborne/United KingdomThe black wedding dress - Ilona krueger/Australia
The Midnight Show - Charles Venable/USA
Rick, the Drummer is No More - Alan Kennedy/Spain
On the Lookout for Bo - Kimberly Stammen /USA
Katy’s Penance - David Mackinnon/United Kingdom
Undisclosed Desires – Efi P./Holland
Blue Moon - Rae Whitney/USA
When the bikers blow into town - Regi Claire/United Kingdom

You can read them all in ROUND MIDNIGHT COLLECTION
from strange days books

Wednesday, 20 November 2019


We are glad to announce the finalists for the Eyelands Book Awards 2019.

First of all we would like to thank all writers for their submissions.
 Last year in our very first time to launch the contest it was a surprise to receive so many books.
This year with many more submissions our …problem was that we received so many good books and
it was a very hard work for us to choose the finalist. One more time we wished we could include
 more books in this list but we just can’t. The only thing we could do as we did last year is to nominate few more books as finalists for the novels category due to many more submitted book to this specific category.
Congratulations to all of you, for all your great books.

These are the finalists for every category:

(by submission order)


    Peter, the Sea, and His Sister’s Disco Ball – Anthony Palazzo-Coetzer / United Kingdom
    Florissant – P.H.C. Marchesi / USA
    There’s an Elephant in my Swimming pool – Gretchen Ryan / United Kingdom
    Teddy Wet My Bed – Vernae Coffee / USA
    Under the oak tree / Phil Ioannou / Canada

    Revenge of the Servants of the Gods /Judith Brulo / United Kingdom
    The Mystery of the Never-Ending Universe /Judith Brulo / United Kingdom
    Gangster School – Kate Wiseman / United Kingdom
    Church-Walk-On-The-Beach – Diane Dowsing Robison /USA
    Transcendence the Spirit Quest series, Book 1 – A. L. Waddington / USA

1.End of Things / Gareth Shore/ United Kingdom
2./ This is Exhibit X  – D.R.Hill/ United Kingdom
3./ A Brief History of Misanthropy – Dean Gessie
4./ Tales of the Anointed Skeletons and Love / Lahari Mahalanabish(Chatterji // India
5.A Perfect Day to Die – Yoko Morgenstern / Germany

1.Jeff Fearnside / Making Love While Levitating Three Feet in the Air / USA
2.Neighbours and Tourists – Ewa Mazierska / United Kingdom
3.The Elfin Stone and other stories / Sarah Crabtree  / United Kingdom
4.This Paradise / Ruby Cowling / United Kingdom
5.Calls to Distant Places – Peter Jordan / United Kingdom


1.That Which Remains –  S. K. Kruse/ USA
2.The Cruelty Man /Jack O’Donnell / Scotland
3.All Things Nice – Cressida Evans / Brazil
4.DoveLion: A Fairy Tale For Our Times – Eileen R. Tabios / USA
5.Cuckoo – Angela Pertusini/ United Kingdom
6.Old scores – Robin Martin/ USA
7.The Lost Tide / David Tenenbaum / USA

1. Drafts of a Suicide Note – Mandy-Suzanne Wong / Vermuda
2.The Dream Circle – Máire Malone/ Ireland
3.Follies, Fools and Garlands / E.C.Gardiner /United Kingdom
4.Lily Poole / Jack O’Donnell / Scotland
5.Being Lena Levi – Bobbie Ann Coler/ United Kingdom
6.Guantanamo Redux – Dean Gessie /Canada
7.Fukushima Dreams – Zelda Rhiando/ United Kingdom
8.The Threat Level Remains Severe – Rowena Macdonald/ United Kingdom

We remind you that the final results will be announced on December 20th, 2019

Thanks again

The judges

Catherine McNamara, Andriana Minou, Gregory Papadoyiannis

Tuesday, 10 September 2019

Eyelands 9th ISCC - Results

We are glad to announce the results of Eyelands.gr & Strange Days Books 9th short story contest (international section). Theme: Round Midnight. Judge: Gregory Papadoyiannis
First prize: A week’s holiday in the island of Crete
First three winners’ stories published in two different anthologies (Greek and English).
All the stories of the shortlist will be published in November 2019 in a special English edition, released also through amazon.com & strange days books.
Marvin Baxter’s Background Music - Javi Reddy
South Africa
(by submission order)
Midnight shadows -David McVey
United Kingdom
At Last, Goodbye -Wendy Craig
New Zealand
Enda Scott (E. F. S. Byrne)
Crying all the way to the bank - Karen Keeley
(by submission order)
Belonging - Judith Diamond.
One shot - David Butler
Memories always start around midnight - Suzanne Elvidge
United Kingdom 
Huggas -Mark Perfect
United Kingdom
Red Beauty or simply Dear - Christina Demertsidou
Hunter- Mariam Syrengelas
Bouzouki Magic," – Diane R. Ransdell
5 2 12 - Charles Osborne,
United KingdomThe black wedding dress - Ilona krueger
The Midnight Show - Charles Venable
Rick, the Drummer is No More - Alan Kennedy
On the Lookout for Bo - Kimberly Stammen
Katy’s Penance - David Mackinnon
United Kingdom
Undisclosed Desires – Efi P.
Blue Moon - Rae Whitney
When the bikers blow into town - Regi Claire
United Kingdom

Congratulations to all!!

Thursday, 11 July 2019


Eyelands gr. & Strange Days Books are glad to announce the EYELANDS BOOK AWARDS 2019
ΕΒΑ -τετραγωνο
Grand prize (published books): Five-days holiday in Athens plus a special handmade ceramic designed especially for Eyelands Book Awards and publication (excerpts) online on our website.
Grand prize (unpublished books): Translation into Greek and publication from Strange Days Books
Six more prizes one for each category of every section also win a special handmade ceramic designed especially for Eyelands Book Awards
Certification document for every prize.
Final results are to be announced on December 20th 2019
Award Ceremony: May, 2020
Place: Athens, Greece
Judges: Andriana Minou (poetry, children’s books, graphic novels), Gregory Papadoyiannis (novels, novellas, historical fiction), Catherine McNamara (short stories)
Entry fee: $30 (27 euros)
Early bird submissions: $ 22 (20 euros)

Opening: Wednesday, July 10, 2019
Closing: Sunday, October 20, 2019 at midnight PST.
Submit your book or manuscript online or via snail mail with early bird entry fee $22 or 20 euros
Eligible submissions include: poetry, novellas, short story collections, novels.
Multiple submissions allowed (with a separate fee for each submission).
Simultaneous submissions allowed, but please notify us if full manuscript is accepted elsewhere.
Finalists for every category to be announced on November, 20, 2019
Final results are to be announced on December, 20, 2019.
There are no restrictions regarding nationality
Participants must be 18 years old otherwise we need parents’ consent to accept the submission.
Manuscripts must be written in English.
There is no restriction about the form or style of writing. We prefer the pages to be numbered. Files should be uploaded as an MS Word document or PDF. Fill the entry form, copy and paste it in the body of your email.
Submit your manuscript to:
eyelandsmag@gmail.com  [or]  strangedaysbooks@gmail.com
or send your book by post to:
Chimarras 6, 74100, Rethymno, Crete, Greece
After the end of the contest all your books will find a place at the library of Three Rock Studio – A writers’ resort in south Crete
Section: Published books
Grand Prize: A five-day holiday in Athens plus a special handmade ceramic designed especially for Eyelands Book Awards and publication (excerpts) online on our website. Eyelands cover all accommodation costs for the award winner. Air tickets not included. The author must agree to participate in the EBA ceremony (which will be held in Athens at the time of his/her holidays) and the related publicity (interviews e.t.c.).
There will be five finalists for each category.
Three more prizes one for each category also win a special handmade ceramic designed especially for Eyelands Book Awards
Certification document for every prize.

Section: Unpublished books
Grand prize: Translation in Greek and Publication from Strange Days Books.
Five more prizes, one in each category, also win a special handmade ceramic designed especially for Eyelands Book Awards
There will be five finalists for each category.
Certification document for every prize.

For each entry, submit the book, entry form, and  fee (via paypal). Registration will be confirmed via email. In December, all entrants will be notified of winners. Please fill in, copy and paste the entry form in the body of your email
Pay via paypal – See the banner on this website
Click the «buy now» button. Fill the description with: EBA
Entry fee: $30 (27 euros)
Early bird submissions: $ 22 (20 euros)
* After the payment is complete, you can send the email with your manuscript as an attachment and the entry form completed, copied and pasted in the body of your email
*An email confirmation that your entry has been received will be sent within three/four days
* We do accept simultaneous submissions
* Every writer can submit more books with the early bird payment fee of $22 (or 20 euros) for every one of them
* Name and address of the author are to be submitted only in the body of the email
*There is no fee for the first prize winners of previous Eyelands international short story contests
*All books must have been published between September 20, 2016 and September 20, 2019.

ENTRY FORM (submit one entry form per book):
Book Title:
Publisher: (for published books only)
ISBN: (for published books only)

Contact Information

AWARD CATEGORIES (select one per entry application):
The following are eligible:
1/Full-length books of fiction (novels or novellas)
2/ Collections of short stories by one author
3/Collected and selected poems by one author*
4/ Historical fiction – Memoir
5/ Children books – Graphic Novels       

See more at:

Sunday, 7 July 2019


Funny and sad at the same time FOR ENTERTAINMENT PURPOSES ONLY (A Collection of Memoir Interstitials) by Michael Robinson Morris is a bittersweet narrative of the years from childhood to adolescence.
It is also the first ever book translated in Greek and published from Strange Days Books as a prize for the Grand Award of EYELANDS BOOK AWARDS 2018 – category: Unpublished book, subcategory: Short Stories.
But there is something more: «Palaiochora Unbound», an extraordinary chronicle of his days at his first visit in Greece many years ago. And this chronicle is written when the writer was in Greece attending our first Three Rock Writers Residency Program in the spring of 2019! 
strange days books in the world - 10
Translation: Gregory Papadoyiannis
Cover by Jasmine Papadoyiannis
Pages: 64
Price: 8 euros

Wednesday, 12 June 2019


Strange Days Books and Eyelands. gr announce the results of our 2nd international flash fiction contest

The Reminiscence Society - Henry Dreelan

PRIZES (by submission order)
Brigids Mantle - Joanne Burke
United Kingdom
Super Heroes-Janet Thomas
Two Young Hearts - Susanne Kirchner

The Sprite’s Dance – Lyla Stenson

SHORT LISTED STORIES (by submission order)
Spring - Francesca Zanoni
The Tulip Queen at Number 17 -Liz Gwinnell
United Kingdom
Red - Róisín Leggett Bohan
Equinox - Dreena Collins
United Kingdom
Bioluminiscencia - Alex Sinclair Lack
United Kingdom
A Dead Heat and Two Winner - Dean Gessie
Start of the Season-Denise Bayes
Clear Sighted -Val Ormrod
United Kingdom
Spring Enchanted- Zoe Rankin
New Zealand
Spring Incoming - Ana Paula Bottle Leon
U.K. /Mexico
Spring Magic - Nadee Gunasena
Rebirth - Sue Jeong,
New Zealand
Hebe’s Gift - Sam Watts
Spring - Nellie English 
A Fearful Symmetry -Brian MacReamoinn
Spring Cleaning -Laura Muetzelfeldt
Echos Below - Eve Moldovan
That Old Red Couch - Steve Scholz
United States
Homecoming - Luke Beling
South African/ USA
The picture of the Sheep - Charles VenableUnited States


First prize is a week’s holiday at Three Rock Resort, situated in Triopetra beach, one of the most magnificent places of Greece at the south coast of Crete island,) is a studio for 2 persons. Air tickets not included.
First prize winner can choose his/her preferred week of his/her stay in 2019 or 2020 except for the dates between July 1st – August 25th. .
The first prize winner have to make the choice of his /her staying till (at the latest) the end of the year 2019.
The three prize winners will get a free copy of the book with the winning stories of our contest & a certificate & a Greek handmade ceramic designed especially for the contest from the collection of Artifacts Clayart.
There is also another offer for the three prize winners: a week’s holiday at Three Rock Resort with a discount 50% off the regular cost (the offer is non obligatory).
All the shortlisted stories (number according to the submissions) will be published in an anthology. The book will be released through “Strange Days” publications and www.amazon.com in October, 2019.
All the shortlisted writers will also get a free copy of the book!
The anthology includes the first prize story translated to Greek.
All the shortlisted writers will have a special discount in case they will submit a book for the Eyelands Book Awards 2019 (25 instead of 35 $ / 22 instead of 30 euros)

congratulations to all!!

Sunday, 28 April 2019


Eyelands.gr and Strange Days Books invite you to our very first

MAY 4th 2019, 18:00

With guests of honor:
Catherine McNamara (Australia/Italy)
Book: The Cartography of OthersGrand prize winner for published book
Gita –Theodora Simic (Bosnia-Herzegovina)
Book: Occam’s Razor
Prize winner for unpublished novel

We will read excerpts from the Prize winner books and talk with the award winning authors who will speak about their books and talk with the audience
The ceremony is the first part of the «Spring Fest» of Strange Days Books and Eyelands.gr. Presentations of two new books will follow after the awards ceremony.

Guests Authors: Despina Charalampidi, Victoria Makri, Georgia Mama
From Strange Days Publishing: Stavroula Diamanti, Gregory Papadoyiannis

Polis Art Cafe – Pesmazοglou Street, Athens

Catherine McNamara
grew up in Sydney, ran away to Paris, and ended up in West Africa running a bar. Her collection Pelt and Other Stories was longlisted for the Frank O’Connor Award and was semifinalist in the Hudson Prize, and her short stories have been Pushcart nominated, shortlisted and published in the UK, Europe, USA and Australia. Catherine lives in Italy.

Gita –Theodora Simic
I grew up in the Balkans (early lessons in the ways of life), and lived in Canada for thirty years (continuation of early lessons) with my husband who is an art historian, a piano teacher, and a HIP music enthusiast. Lately we spend a good part of the year close to the Adriatic Sea, in southern Herzegovina (the sea holds no memories but for the rocky cliffs, the morning mist and clear waters of turquoise blue). I was born on the small and wondrous island of Korcula in Croatia, and later moved to Belgrade, Serbia. Both countries denied me citizenship after the break-up of Yugoslavia.
My background is in philosophy and IT. I had studied philosophy and history at the Belgrade University before moving to Canada, where I obtained a diploma in computer programming/systems analysis, with specialization in mid-range computers.
I am a systems analyst by day (for almost twenty-five years), historical fiction writer by night(for several years). When a friend asked why I write historical fiction, I said: “Wouldn’t you, if you had to spend eight hours a day in a cubicle?” The literary world does not resound with my name.To date, I have completed nine such short stories, a play, and this novel. I am currently working on my second historical fiction novel, loosely based on the life of Sir Francis Drake and the fate of Raphael’s cartoons. Occam’s Razor, a story of Bernini, was also shortlisted at the 2017 CHAUCER BOOK AWARDS Historical Fiction pre-1750s.