Tuesday, 3 July 2018


Eyelands literary portal and Strange Days Books announce the first  international competition for published & unpublished books - Eyelands Book Awards 2018

Grand prize (published books): Five-day holiday in Athens plus a special handmade ceramic designed especially for Eyelands Book Awards and publication (excerpts) online on our website.
Grand prize (unpublished books): Publication from Strange Days Books
Six more prizes one for each category of every section also win a a special handmade ceramic designed especially for Eyelands Book Awards
Certification document for every prize.
Final results are to be announced on December 20th 2018.
The award will be given in a special ceremony in Athens
Award Ceremony: 5th of May, 2019
Place: Polis Art café, Athens, Greece
Judges: Andriana Minou (poetry), Gregory Papadoyiannis (novels, novellas), Antonis Tsirikoudis (short stories)
Entry fee: $30
Opening: Monday, July 2, 2018
Closing: Tuesday, October 20, 2018 at midnight PST.
Submit your book or manuscript online or via snail mail with a $30.00 entry fee
Eligible submissions include: poetry, novellas, short story collections, novels.
Multiple submissions allowed (with a separate fee for each submission).
Simultaneous submissions allowed, but please notify us if full manuscript is accepted elsewhere.
Finalists for every category to be announced on November, 20, 2018
Final results are to be announced on December, 20, 2018.
There are no restrictions regarding nationality
Participants must be 18 years old otherwise we need parents' consent to accept the submission.
Manuscripts must be written in English.
There is no restriction about the form or style of writing. We prefer the pages to be numbered. Files should be uploaded as an MS Word document or PDF. Fill the entry form, copy and paste it in the body of your email.
Submit your manuscript to:
eyelandsmag@gmail.com  [or]  strangedaysbooks@gmail.com
or send your book by post to:
Chimarras 6, 74100, Rethymno, Crete, Greece 
Section: Published books
Grand Prize: A five-day holiday in Athens plus a special handmade ceramic designed especially for Eyelands Book Awards and publication (excerpts) online on our website. Eyelands cover all accommodation costs for the award winner. Air tickets not included. The author must agree to participate in the EBA ceremony (which will be held in Athens at the time of his/her holidays) and the related publicity (interviews e.t.c.).
There will be five finalists for each category.
Three more prizes one for each category also win a special handmade ceramic designed especially for Eyelands Book Awards
Certification document for every prize.
Section: Unpublished books
Grand prize: Publication from Strange Days Books. Released via amazon.com (international release) & from Strange Days Books
Three more prizes one for each category also win a a special handmade ceramic designed especially for Eyelands Book Awards
There will be five finalists for each category.
Certification document for every prize.
-For each entry, submit the book, entry form, and $30 fee (via paypal). Registration will be confirmed via email. In December, all entrants will be notified of winners. Please fill in, copy and paste the entry form in the body of your email
Pay via paypal - See the banner on this website
Click the «buy now» button. Fill the description with: EBA
Entry fee is 30.00 $
* After the payment is complete, you can send the email with your manuscript as an attachment and the entry form completed, copied and pasted in the body of your email
*An email confirmation that your entry has been received will be sent within three/four days
* We do accept simultaneous submissions
* Every writer can submit more books with the payment fee of $30 for every one of them
* Name and address of the author are to be submitted only in the body of the email
*There is no fee for the first prize winners of previous eyelands international short story contests
*Click here to download the entry form: ENTRY FORM_EBA
*All books must be published between September 20, 2016 and September 20, 2018.

EBA follows the CLMP Contest Code of Ethics.
If you have any questions, please contact us at
eyelandsmag@gmail.com  [or]  strangedaysbooks@gmail.com


Wednesday, 20 June 2018

Dreams International Flash Fiction Contest - Results

Eyelands & Strange Days Books announce the results of the first international flash fiction contest -2018
Theme: ‘’Dreams’’
Judge: Gregory Papadoyiannis

First prize: A week holiday οn the island of Crete (for 2 people)*
Three prize winners: publication in anthology, handmade ceramic gift, certificate, complimentary copy of the anthology.
Shortlisted stories: Publication in anthology

Coconut octopus - Mandy-Suzanne Wong

Equivalent PRIZES
Dream a Little Dream -D.J. Kramer
Dream companion/ Paul Budd
United Kingdom
Nostalgia Dreaming - Nicolle Rotilli Serra
United Kingdom

( by submission date)
Charles Osborne – The wild one
United Kingdom
 01/30/2018 - Francesca Zanoni
Nancy Sweetland - The Hunter
Caroline Schiller – The lake
Minae Lee – Somnias Ergo Sum
United States
Corey Burger – Letter to mama
Jesse Kominers -  Heads
Dreaming - Hannah Evans.
United Kingdom
The cornflower field
Premonition - Charlotte Joy Platt
United Kingdom
Restless - Dean Moses
Little Nightmares - Penelope Laurence
An eternal respite - Jean-Philip Kieven
Foreign Delights - Fionnlagh Donnan
New Zeland
In Dreams - Ian Riddle
United Kingdom
Missing Dreams - Larry Kerr
Beneath The Veil Of Memory - Ryan Taylor
United Kingdom
My falling down house - Despoina Charalampidi
He and she - Tom Larsen
Psilocybin Wings - Conor Montague
His First Knowing Dream in Colour - Laura Muetzelfeldt
United Kingdom
Utnapishtim- Antonio Fadda
Imprisoned - Vanessa Horn
United Kingdom
Engendered’- Justin Rulton
United Kingdom
The milk try man - Ruth Greenwood
Isle of Man
A Haunting Nightmare - Tashi Chaturvedi
Óneira Glyká -Denise Bayes
The Figher Pilot's Nightmare  - PJ Stephenson
Capulana - Freddy Marleyn
South Africa
Only a Dream- Masarra Kahwaji
United Kingdom
Cristina Popov – The Morpheus Report
The Girl - Bernadette Gibson
United Kingdom
The River God - Olly Lavery
United Kingdom
The Caged Hummingbird - Julie Appleby
A dream alone - Kate Bolster
Saudi Arabia
We ache, yet we glow - Ameera Fakir
South Africa
Dr Oneironaut Makes Rounds - John Graham-Pole**
Beaches are for dreaming- Nico Ordeyo
Dream / less- Wiam Alnajjar
Before, After, Always- Gillian Clifton
United Kingdom

*If for any reason the first prize winner is not able to come to Greece for his/her holidays in Three Rock Studio, the rest of the prize winners will be notified (in order of submission date)

**shortlisted in eyelands 6th ISSC – 2015 / Borderline Stories

Tuesday, 19 June 2018

When Sirenes Call

 Strange Days Books proudly announce the release of Paul David Adkins novel “When Sirens Call”in Greece, translated in Greek language.
A great story from the writer who was the first prize winner of Eyelands Short Story Contest in 2012 (english section)  with the short story ''Kalimera'', actually a story that it was a part of the -later to be- “When Sirens Call”novel. Translated by Gregory Papadoyiannis. Cover painting by Yannis Petrakis. 

  (...) Since 2001, the Aegean Sea has been a necessity for me, and I have returned almost every year since.The idea for this “Greek book” took shape around 2004, the year in which the narrative takes place. On an intellectual and literary plane “When Sirens Call” is really a return to Homer’s Odyssey, via Joyce’s Ulysses, and I was concerned with the idea of the necessity of preserving the spirit of those things that may, at first glance, seem to have become outdated and unnecessary. For me, the Aegean is a precious, beautiful and melancholy place. A place that no longer seems to make sense in our world, and yet, in reality, it is one of the few places left that still do make sense.
That is why I return there, year after year.
There is a lot of deep love and anguish in this book. I hope the Greek reader will find it a positive and enjoyable experience, and that this foreigner’s view has been able to capture a little bit of the truth of this wine-dark sea world he loves so much, and which has inspired him so constantly


Paul Adkin was born in Long Eaton, Derbyshire, England, in 1958, at his aunt’s house. His early infancy was spent in a council house in Bridge Street, Sandiacre, which runs parallel to the Erewash canal. The contrast between gloomy brick and the calm, fecund life of the river; between the poverty of the town and the richness of the natural world, has been a deeply ingrained dialect in Paul’s artist’s psyche. In 1965 his father, a clerk at a railway company, decided to pull up roots and migrate to Australia.

After a seven week voyage, on assisted passage, the Adkin family set themselves up at the Nunawading Migrant Hostel in Melbourne. In the most uninspiring atmosphere of the eastern suburbs, it was his discovery of Swift, Dostoevsky and Patrick White that began to open Paul’s mind to the beauty and power of literature.

Paul remained in Nunawading until he started the drama and literature course at Rusden in 1976. Without any scholarship he did part time work in factories and farms while he was learning stage craft. At Rusden he had started writing plays and after graduating he wrote and directed his first play at the La Mama Theatre in Carlton, “The Jack and Jill Story.” In 1982 he was given the prestigious title of artistic-director-in-residence at the Anthill Theatre in South Melbourne where he directed his play “Schadenfreude”.

In 1983 he left Melbourne for Japan and lived a year there teaching English and working on a novella, inspired by a Thomas Mann short story, “Gladius Dei”. That novella would eventually be published thirty years later with the title of “Art Wars”.

In 1984 he did a whirlwind tour of Europe that introduced him to the Mediterranean countries. He worked as hotel cleaner, later hotel manager and broker in London. Two very sterile years were spent in London until he escaped to Spain and Madrid.

In Madrid he married Isabel Martin and started writing a novel about the Spanish attempts to discover Australia. The result of this was the Terra Australis Incognita trilogy, the first part of which was “Purgatory”. This found a literary agent but was rejected by over one hundred publishers. Eventually it was published by Paul himself in 2012, in ebook format.

In Madrid Paul returned to the theatre and he has been the founder of three theatre companies. Big Bang and Ñu Accents were created to do plays that could teach English in Spanish schools. His third company, Ñu Teatro, produced Paul’s scripts, either translated or written by Paul himself in Spanish.

With the millennium Paul and his wife started holidaying in the Greek Islands and very soon a strong spiritual tie was developed between them. His short story Kalimera won the Eyelands short story competition in 2012 and was translated into Greek. He has been acclaimed by his Greek readers for possessing a sharp, observant eye of the Greek culture and atmosphere. When Sirens Call was another product of this very happy and fruitful relationship with the islands.

Strange Days Books
ISBN: 978-618-5278-14-4
Price: 10 euros

Wednesday, 21 March 2018


The contest runs from March 20th through June 20th, 2018
The theme of the contest this year is «Luggage»
First prize: A week’s holiday in the island of Crete
First three winners’ stories published in two different anthologies (Greek and English).
All the stories of the Shortlist will be published in a special English edition, released through amazon.com & strangedays books. Entry fee: 10 €
Judge: Maria Psoma-Petridou


– First prize is a week’s holiday on the island of Crete. Three Rock, (Triopetra, Rethymnon, Crete) is a studio for 2 people (with beds for two children also available). Air tickets not included. You can see more details here: http://three-rock.blogspot.gr/
First prize winner can choose his/her preferred week of stay in 2019 except for the dates between July 15th – August 25th.

First three prize winners will get a free copy of the book with the winning stories of our contest & a certificate & a Greek handmade ceramic from the collection of Omodamos Clayart (see below)
All the shortlisted stories will be published in an anthology. The book will be released through “Strange Days” publications and www.amazon.co.uk in November, 2018
All the shortlisted writers will also get a free copy of the book! First, Second and Third prize: publication of your story in an anthology of the shortlisted stories of the contest (Greek section), translated in Greek.
• The three prize winners will also get a free copy of the book with the winning stories of our contest & certification document & a Greek handmade ceramic from the collection of Omodamos Clayart* 
• All the shortlisted stories will be published in an anthology. The book will be released through “Strange Days” publications and www.amazon.co.uk
• All the shortlisted writers will also get a free copy of the book & certification document. Plus a book from Strange Days Booksfor free!!
An interview with the first prize winner will also be featured in eyelands.gr
In case the first prize winner does not claim the prize of a week’s holiday in Crete or does not book a specific week for her/his holidays at Three Rock Studio, the second (and then the third) prize winner will be notified in order to take her/his place.
NOTE: Free entry for the shortlisted writers of previous contests

* Theme of the contest: «Luggage».
*Entries must be short stories, of any genre, and maximum length is 2,500 words and must be previously unpublished in a book, printed magazine or web-based journal. Entries must be in English.
* The contest closes at midnight UTC on Wednesday, 20th of June
*This is an international contest. There is no restriction such as nationality etc of the author, but you have to be 18 years old on the 21st of March 2018 to enter the contest.
* No “eyelands” editor, judge, or relative of theirs, is allowed to enter.
* Entries must be submitted electronically (see below).
* Winners and the shortlist to be announced on September 10th, 2018
* Copyright of manuscripts remains to the author.
* In addition to the story being published on www.eyelands.gr, the author's acceptance of the prize gives eyelands.gr the right to include the story in the anthology that will appear in book form. Entry grants permission to include the three prize winners and the shortlisted stories in the book which will be published and will be available from “Strange Days” publications.
* There is a limit for the stories to be published in the anthology: no more than 25. In case we receive more than 200 submissions, 12 more stories will be chosen and published online on eyelands.gr! Eyelands will feature one story every month, between November 2018 and November 2019
* There will be two collections of stories - one that will be published in Greek including the translated stories of the first three winners of the English Section and another one with all the Shortlisted stories of the English Section.
Pay via paypal - See the banner in eyelands Home Page.
Click the «buy now» button. Fill the description with: Luggage
Entry fee is 10 euros
* After the payment is complete, you can send the e-mail with your story attached in word. doc /docx format to:

writing in the subject line: Eyelands Short Story Contest or just ΕSSC
*An email confirmation that your entry has been received will be sent within three/four days after receiving your e-mail
*We don’t accept postal entries
* We do accept simultaneous submissions
* Every writer can submit more than one story as long as they pay the full entry fee for each story
* Name and address of the author should appear only in the body of the email
*The title of your story can be anything other than ‘’Luggage’’
*There is no entry fee for the prize winners of previous eyelands international short story contests

JUDGE/ Maria Psoma Petridou
Maria was born and lives in Thessaloniki - Greece. She is an English teacher. She has published two poetry collections, "Lifetime Service" 2006, "A second pair of wings" 2010. She writes poetry & fiction in Greek and English. A lot of her work has been published in Literature Magazines in Greece and online. In 2006 she was awarded the 2nd prize for her poem "The Bate" from the Greek - Australian Cultural League of Melbourne, in 2009 the 2nd prize: “Antonis Samarakis" for her story: “Even if it's found it will chase me". This was also the title of her first short story collection, released in 2015 by Strange Days Books. In 2016 she published the novel «Second Pair of wings». Maria teaches Creative Writing and also writes a weekly column about books in Thessnews Newspaper & portal. She has been the co-ordinator of a book club for nine years. For the past four years she's been a collaborator in www.eyelands.gr as well as a judge of its poetry and international story competitions.
Three Rock is a very special studio just a few hundred meters from Triopetra beach, one of the most beautiful beaches of Crete. Three-Rock is a studio designed to accommodate two to four people the studio is one very large furnished room of 70 sq.m., (with separate bathroom) with a lot of space which allows you to cook, dine, or just relax all day if you prefer! Studio at the ground floor and apartment at the first floor are listed on: /air bnb, holiday lettings/ house trip etc.
Mind that Triopetra beach is at the very centre of South Crete, which means (provided you rent a car) easy access to places like Spili, Preveli, Plakias, Amari plateau (westward) & Agia Galini, Matala, Phestos (eastward)